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About InspirePay


InspirePay is an online payment aggregator that integrates all major payment methods into a FREE  brandable, payment page.

InspirePay was developed by a small team of global eCommerce experts in Boulder, Colorado, who recognize that the options for online payments can be overwhelming.

But as consultants in a vibrant and bustling community of consultants, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, we know plenty of folks who need to do online billing and payment requests, but don’t have the funds (or the need, frankly) for a robust, branded eCommerce platform. We started to realize that people in today’s world need an easy way to accept payments online that integrates with their personal or corporate brand, but doesn’t require lots of time and money to set up and use.

At the same time, we recognize that the world of online payments is getting seriously crowded. There are well over twenty different online payment services out there today, and each of them has features that are great for different people. The problem is, none of them can talk to the others. So you have tons of choices, but very few real options to offer your people.

…..until now.  InspirePay is all about making it really easy for people to pay you online. And we think that is pretty Inspired.